Frequently Asked

"How do I set up an appointment?"

      Local Clients:

To set up an appointment you are required to set up an appointment for a consultation at the studio. Consultations are free and a great opportunity for us to speak about the tattoo you are looking to get and all details pertaining to it. Upon a consultation you can make an appointment to get you tattoo done.

      Out of Area Clients:

Due to the unrealistic nature for out of area clients to come by the studio, a consultation will be performed via email.

"Do I have to leave a deposit? How does that work?"

      Yes, a deposit is required to solidify your scheduled appointment. A minimum of $50 (amount depending on scale of work) will be applied to the final session of your tattoo. You are able to reschulde your appointment if need be by reasonable parameters.

"Can I get a drawing done without making an appointment?"

      Yes, but without scheduling a tattoo appointment you may be asked to pay fot the "draw time." Drawings for scheduled appointments may be seen ahead of time by appointment only.

"Can I see my drawing ahead of time?"

      Yes, but you will be required to set an appointment to come by the studio to look at your drawing. Because every client getting tattooed is also getting their own deisgn, drawings are done in priority of appointment; so sometimes your design may not be available until day before or day of your appointment without a prior appointment to look at it,

"Does it hurt? Do you do white ink tattoos? Do you do those temporary '6 month tattoos? Can I bring my 25 friends with me? Are you looking for an apprentice"

  • Yes, but I'll get you through it.

  • No, and upon a full consultation I will educate you as to why not.

  • No. Is this a real thing or a FB news thing?

  • No. Please be respectful of our space and time.

  • No. Nope. No.

"Why do some tattoos heal differently than others?"

      The style of tattoo, color, size and placement all play factors in what to expect when healing a tattoo.